Sewing and folding


Our machines are able to sew joined together 2 or 3 rolls, 6 meters wide maximum, and fold it back into Rolls.


Folded Rolls

Finished products will be a 2 meters wide rolls but which can have up to 12meters of usable wodth once unfolded. This allows easy manipulation, carying and Storage.


Folded Format

For specific applications we can also Fold into boxes


AddevMaterials has 5 folding lines which can produce products such as Intefolded wipes, quaterfolded Wipes, Geotextile rolls…



Quatefolded Wipes

We receive Master Rolls that we can Dye, print and convert into quatefolded wipes. Wipes are then bagged and/or boxed, with or without leaflet/brochures.


Intefolded wipes are very interresting for industrial cleaning applications. It allows to have wipes dispensers in boxes and/or bags.

Geotextile Folding

We can produce rolls of 2 meters width folded into 1m , which allows large width product into small height Palette Displays for point of sale.

Large Width Folding:

For agricultural application, we can propose 2 meters wide folded rolls made from 6 meters wide Master rolls.